Manual DC/AC Generator Laboratory Electrical Experiment Equipment

Manual DC/AC Generator Laboratory Electrical Experiment Equipment
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Product Description

Manual DC/AC Generator is suitable for Laboratory or school.

Color:As the picture shown

1. For high school and elementary school physical natural common sense,
2. Demos pay basic structure and working principle of DC generators.
3. Construction: poles, floor, bulb, armature, brushes, commutator
When the armature coil in a permanent magnetic field rotating in direction of the coil wire is cut
periodically changing the direction of the induced electromotive force which,along with the role
of size is also cyclical changes, which produce alternating current through the slip rings and
commutator Brush out for AC, if the slip ring brushes move to the middle of that is a copper
ring rectified half position, the output is current.
1. Demonstrates the alternator, the first part of the brush toward the whole ring slip ring direction,
and then slide rheostat, DC galvanometer composed external circuit connected to the output
of the generator slowly rotating rotor of the generator, galvanometer clearly we show the changes
in the direction of current and to be connected with the DC voltmeter at the output for presentation.
2. Demos DC generator: Move the brush commutator part, the external circuit constant rotation of the
rotor, galvanometer pointer deflection in one direction,indicating that the output is DC

Package Inclued:
1 x Manual DC/AC Generator

Manual DC/AC Generator Laboratory Electrical Experiment Equipment